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Macat Bulletin:
Eurasian Media Forum 2021

Founder and CEO, Salah Khalil, speaks at the Eurasian Media Forum 2021 about the importance of Critical Thinking 

September 2021

In mid-September this year, Macat was delighted to take part in the 17th Eurasian Media Forum held in Kazakhstan.  The event welcomed speakers from 25 different countries including Macat founder and CEO, Salah Khalil, who was invited to speak on the importance of critical thinking and to take part in a fascinating panel discussion on the future of education and labour markets. 

Salah was able to bring his wealth of knowledge on the importance of skilling, up-skilling and re-skilling in our workforce and how this process should and can be integrated into educational offerings. Indeed this session on employment and education at The Eurasia Media Forum pointed to what is increasingly recognised as an urgent need. Propelled by structural economic and technological changes and accelerated by the pandemic we must nurture critical thinking skills in a new generation of students, graduates, employees, managers and entrepreneurs. The need for groundbreaking business, environmental and social ideas and for the radical thinking process that makes them possible has never been more important.

And that’s precisely what Macat is set up to do – measure and develop these crucial skills because we believe that critical thinking is well…critical!

Watch an excerpt of the panel discussion on the future of education and labour markets below.

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