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Critical thinking is the key to future proofing your skills.


Critical thinking skills are tools that help us to draw effective conclusions and take the right decisions. Using them effectively minimises the prospect of error and maximises the chances of success.


Critical thinking skills are not innate or fixed; they can be taught and they can be improved. Macat’s unique suite of critical thinking products develops your ability to think critically and become more adaptable and capable of tackling new challenges. Those who lack effective critical thinking skills tend to be less flexible, less self-aware, and less successful than those who have learned to think effectively and well.


Critical thinking helps to maximise the efficiency of the work and the thinking that we do, and to minimise the likelihood of error.

Critical thinking provides those who have mastered it with a skill-set that allows them to move successfully from job to job, and career to career making it a true twenty-first-century skill.


Critical thinking, in this view, supplies the flexibility that the modern world demands of us. This is of increasing importance at a time in which few can now expect to spend the whole of their working lives in one industry, building and developing a single set of working skills.

Macat’s Approach

Macat has created the only robust skills based proprietary model and definition of critical thinking: The PACIER Model.

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The PACIER model effectively breaks down critical thinking into its component parts to allow more accurate and accessible development.

Problem solving


Creative thinking




The PACIER model has been developed in collaboration with the University of Cambridge, the London School of Economics and Political Science, OECD PISA and several UK testing boards. The framework was ratified in 2016 in the world’s largest critical thinking study of over 10,000 individuals. 

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