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Critical Thinking Assessments

The world's only comprehensive critical thinking assessment platform.

The Macat Critical Thinking Assessments measure and analyse your critical thinking skills.  Designed and built by critical thinking and assessment experts, the assessments examine each one of the PACIER skills to give the learner a detailed and dynamic insight into their critical thinking development.  Every time you take a Macat Critical Thinking Assessment, you are feeding, refining, and expanding your critical thinking profile, thus guiding your ongoing critical thinking development.  


Macat is the only critical thinking assessment provider that undergoes a process of continual academic scrutiny and validation to ensure that we are providing the maximum accuracy.


Macat has carried out independent validation of its critical thinking definition, PACIER framework, individual items and multi-skill and single-skill assessment design. Critical thinking is by nature, agile and responsive; therefore Macat’s Validation Project is ongoing with new data informing and refining our content all the time.  This is made possible by the presence of validation items in all assessments.


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