Critical thinking: the 21st century's most in-demand skill set

The critical thinking brain

The 2016 Future Of Jobs report, published by the World Economic Forum, predicted that by 2020, critical thinking and complex problem-solving will be the most in demand sets of skills in the global jobs market, but also the hardest to recruit for.

Macat is a global leader in developing these skills. Utilising our unique PACIER model, developed with the University of Cambridge, Macat's toolkit helps institutions, businesses and learners to effectively measure, analyse, and develop critical thinking skills, contributing to greater personal and professional success.

Macat's critical thinking tools are developed in partnership with academics from the world's most prestigious institutions:

Critical thinking skills for all

Critical thinking skills for all

Macat's unique toolkit - the Macat Library, Macat Tests and Macat Learning - has been purpose-built to help students, employees and learning enthusiasts from around the world to think smarter, achieve more, and live better.

Macat critical thinking for educators

For Educators

Macat resources for schools and universities provide teachers with everything they need to test and teach critical thinking.

Critical thinking skills for employers

For Employers

Macat offers tools that help employers recruit, test, and train critical thinkers, helping their business to be more efficient, creative, and successful.

Macat critical thinking for learners

For learners

Macat's multimedia iLibrary helps students and learners to engage with the world's greatest books, whilst developing their critical thinking skills.

Your complete critical thinking toolkit

Your complete critical thinking toolkit

Macat's set of sophisticated, multimedia tools help teach, test, and improve critical thinking skills efficiently and effectively.

Macat iLibrary

Macat iLibrary

Helping learners to unlock the wisdom of world's greatest books and learn to think smarter

For Educators  |  For Employers   | For You

Macat Testing

Macat Tests

The ultimate critical thinking testing solution
for education and business

For Educators   |   For Employers

Macat Learning

Macat Learning

A complete set of multimedia resources that teach critical thinking skills effectively

For Educators   |   For Employers

What leaders in education say about Macat

Critical thinking quotes from leads in education
Macat offers an amazing first-of-its-kind tool for interdisciplinary learning and research. Its focus on works that transformed their disciplines and its rigorous approach, drawing on the world’s leading experts and educational institutions, opens up a world-class education to anyone.
— Andreas Schleicher, Director for Education and Skills, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Macat is taking on some of the major challenges in university education ... They have drawn together a strong team of active academics who are producing teaching materials that are novel in the breadth of their approach.
— Prof. Lord Broers, former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge
The Macat vision is exceptionally exciting. It focuses upon new modes of learning which analyse and explain seminal texts which have profoundly influenced world thinking and so social and economic development. It promotes the kind of critical thinking which is essential for any society and economy. This is the learning of the future.
— Rt Hon Charles Clarke, former UK Secretary of State for Education