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Thinking: a 21st-century skill

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Analyses written by scholars at: colleges Harvards University, University of Cambridge, Columbia University colleges Harvards University, University of Cambridge, Columbia University

We believe in the power of ideas

Our team of experts and PhDs have helped us curate and explain the 160 books that have shaped the world, and their wisdom can empower anyone to think smarter. Learn how to find creative solutions where other people see only a mass of information - and become a more powerful persuader - using ideas from the books you feel you should know (but will never have time to read).

And there’s so much more to come: we’re now working with the University of Cambridge to develop tools that will empower anyone to think more creatively and critically.

Head photo of Natalie Galpem
Natalie Galpem

Columbia University

“Macat provides a quick but rigorous way in to some of the more difficult ideas.”

Head photo of Professor William Tronzo
Professor William Tronzo

University of California at San Diego

“An invaluable resource to all students and teachers. Very easy to access.”

Head photo of Dr. Carol Stax Brown
Dr. Carol Stax Brown

Past President, CCID

“Macat gives me access to the world's biggest ideas and thinkers in these fields.”

Head photo of Francisco Marmolejo
Francisco Marmolejo

HEC, World Bank

“Opens up new and exciting ways of studying and teaching big ideas.”


Learn deeper, think smarter

The world's greatest books are the key to exceptional thinking skills. So we built our online library to make their ideas interesting, relevant and comprehensible to anyone.

Our smarter thinking guides

To be a critical thinker means being creative, reflective, and adaptable, evaluating the evidence to decide for yourself: what is accurate? What is relevant? Do I have sufficient information to take a decision? In short, critical thinking is smarter thinking.

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Our 12-module structure helps you think smarter

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Proven by the University of Cambridge

Independent testing carried out by the University of Cambridge has shown that using Macat significantly improves your critical-thinking skills, helping you lead a richer, fuller life as a more successful employee and leader, a better parent, a more thoughtful friend, and ultimately a better citizen.

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