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Macat Bulletin:
Groundbreaking contract in Morocco

Macat is excited to announce the signing of a contract with leading Moroccan universities under the auspices of the Moroccan Ministry of National Education.

October 2020


In their 'Future of Jobs Report 2020' The World Economic Forum identified critical thinking as one of the top skill groups for success in the workplace in the lead up to 2025.  Moreover, they stated that such skills will be vital in slowing the growth or and ultimately bridging the widening global skills gap. This observation is supported by the opinion of executives with over 55% of those surveys identifying the skills gap and the greatest barrier to the adoption of new technologies. 

This emphasis upon the centrality of critical thinking to modern workplace success has been growing in prominence since the first Future Jobs Report in 2016.  In this year's report, critical thinking appeared as an emerging skill and a focus of upskilling efforts for every country profiled. 

Macat is ready to share our wealth of knowledge on this subject and support educators, industry leaders and governments as they seek to leverage critical thinking. 

You can read more about the importance of critical thinking to the future of jobs and other analyses in the World Economic Future of Jobs Report 2020.

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