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Industry Bulletin:
Times Higher Education discusses the need for education to work harder in cultivating skills

"Universities must do more to nurture enduring skills that can be transferred across different contexts such as critical thinking, problem-solving and communication"- Ben Nelson, Times Higher Education, 04 Oct 2021

October 2021

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Estimates suggest that the number of people between 24 and 34 with a tertiary education qualification will reach 300 million by 2030 (OECD, 2019).  While this figure is to be celebrated in many ways, it does require that we question the quality and relevance of the learning that young people are receiving.  According to UK HR professionals, only 13% of graduates were seen as "ready to hit the ground running" (Personell Today, Dec 2019). 

Ben Nelson unpacks this issue in his article examining the gap between higher educational offering and 21st central workplace demands and questions how a system focused on imparting specific subject matter focused around isolated academic disciplines can offer the flexibility needed.  Macat too recognises this distance and has partnered with Ministries and higher education providers to help graduates with access to critical thinking assessments and development.  

Moreover, Nelson agrees with Macat's position- formed over 11 years of research and case studies- that critical thinking needs to be taught explicitly in order for students to really grasp the conceptual leavers that they will rely on when they begin work.

You can read Ben Nelson's complete article on Times Higher Education

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