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Macat Bulletin:
Macat CEO, Salah Khalil, speaks at the inauguration of Dr Michel Mawad, President of the Lebanese American University in Beirut

March 2022

In March 2022 Macat founder and CEO, Salah Khalil was honoured to speak at the inauguration of the ninth President of the Lebanese American University, Dr Michel Elias Mawad. 


In his speech, Salah stressed the importance of academic institutions in tackling disinformation and nurturing the skills required for rigorous enquiry and informed judgements. Salah also highlighted the central role of academics, like Dr Mawad, who have committed their lives to the mastery of subjects and skills that allow us to tackle complex global decisions. The importance of such work has been thrown into sharp relief during the Covid-19 pandemic as national, regional and global responses have relied on the research and guidance of experts. 


Macat applauds the Lebanese American University and its commitment to academic excellence with real-world impact. With Dr Mawad as their trusted custodian, we look forward to watching the university grow and thrive and hope to support them in realising goals. 

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