The key to personal and professional success

Critical thinking is the ability to think clearly and rationally, understanding the logical connection between ideas.

Rather than simply accepting ideas and assumptions, critical thinkers rigorously question an hypotheses, seeking to determine whether the findings represent fact or opinion.

Developed in association with The University of Cambridge, Macat has defined critical thinking in six interlocking skills, called PACIER skills:

PACIER - problem-solving

Problem-solving teaches you how
to make more informed decisions
and generate new, more
creative possibilities.

PACIER - analysis

Analysis allows you to understand
an argument's sequence and
reasoning by breaking them down
into bite-sized chunks.

PACIER - creative thinking

Creative thinking is the ability to connect things together in new ways, produce novel explanations for existing evidence, and better redefine issues.

PACIER - Interpretation

Interpretation involves decoding the meaning and significance of claims, including evidence and definitions.

PACIER - evaluation

Evaluation helps you to explore the strengths and weaknesses of an argument, and judge which is correct.

PACIER - reasoning

Strong reasoning skills allow you to produce well-structured arguments and deal with counter-arguments.

Benefits of critical thinking

When developed fully, critical thinking is a complete metacognitive machine that empowers us to continually critique the way we think and constantly self-improve.

Critical thinking on leadership skills

Creates better, more persuasive leaders.

Critical thinking on innovation skills

Develops innovative ideas by thinking more creatively.

Critical thinking on strategic skills

Develops strategic thinking, making quicker, more informed choices.

Critical thinking on wellbeing

Improves overall wellbeing, creating more rounded, emotionally intelligent individuals.

Backed by leaders of government, education and business

Barak Obama quote on critical thinking
I’m calling on our nation’s education chiefs to develop standards that measure whether students possess twenty-first-century skills like problem-solving and critical thinking.
— Barack Obama , 44th President of the United States
Richard Branson quote on critical thinking
Critical thinking is the key to creative problem solving in business.
— Richard Branson, CEO and Founder, Virgin Group
Charles Clarke quote on critical thinking
The most important attribute that education can bring to anyone is the ability to think critically. In an era where information and knowledge is universally available, it is the power to comprehend, assess and analyse which makes the difference – those are the critical thinking skills.
— Charles Clark, Former UK Secretary of State for Education

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