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Macat testing dashboard analytics

Macat Tests reveal the true level of critical thinking ability in your school, college, or university.

Unlocking precise data at lightning-speed, Macat Test's visualisations and reports track all the important data metrics and development needs of your students.


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Analyse critical thinking skills by:

Analyse critical thinking skills by institution


Gain a comprehensive, birds-eye view of critical thinking skills in your institution.

Analyse critical thinking skills by class


Drill-down to individual departments, identify successful teaching patterns and develop best practice.

Analyse critical thinking skills by student


Every student is unique. Employ individual reports to personalise teaching and learning.


A simple three-stage approach to critical thinking testing

Student critical thinking assessment


Students take one in a series of online assessments, developed in partnership with The University of Cambridge.

Critical thinking measurement dashboard


Leaders can review results at an institution, class or student level, through tailored dashboards.

Improve critical thinking with Macat


Review your results to improve your institution's critical thinking performance (self-assessment reports coming soon).