Critical thinking for individuals

Critical thinking is the most important skill set of the 21st century. To think critically, individuals must practice their ability to think clearly and rationally, understanding the logical connection between ideas.

Some of the world’s most influential ideas and powerful arguments are to be found in some of the best-known books ever written. However, to read and digest even a fraction of them is time-consuming and painstaking.

How we help

Macat Critical Thinking iLibrary

The Macat Critical Thinking iLibrary is a collection of analyses that unlocks wisdom found within the world’s greatest books. Analysed through a vigorous critical thinking methodology, the Macat Critical Thinking iLibrary helps to unlocks core messages within the text, develop interesting ideas and conclusions, and improve critical thinking skills.

Videos on the Macat Critical Thinking iLibrary

Watch a video to grasp key concepts in 3 minutes.

Multimedia tools on the Macat Critical Thinking iLibrary

Use quotes, mind maps and tools to examine ideas in 10 minutes.

Audiobooks on the Macat Critical Thinking iLibrary

Listen to the full audiobook in less than 2 hours.

Text analysis on the Macat Critical Thinking iLibrary

Read the full text analysis in less than 3 hours.

Who uses the Macat Critical Thinking iLibrary?

Critical thinking for students


High school, college and university students looking to efficiently explore ideas found in the world's most widely studied and referenced books, contributing to better essays, exams and grades.

Critical thinking for learners

Continuous learners

Reading and learning enthusiasts looking to expand their knowledge, explore powerful new ideas and perspectives, and become more professionally-attractive, well-rounded, perceptive and resilient.

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Macat Critical Thinking Analyses in Print

Macat Critical Thinking Library in print

Analyses from the Macat Critical Thinking iLibrary are sold in print by our approved reseller Routledge, part of the Taylor & Francis Group. Visit the Routledge website for more.