Build a world-class workforce with Macat

Workforce of critical thinkers

By 2020, critical thinking and complex problem-solving will be the most vital skill sets in the global jobs market. Macat offers tools that help employers recruit the best talent, assess executives, and train critical thinkers, helping their business to be more efficient, creative, and successful.

Use Macat's unique toolkit to

Deploy critical thinking


Macat to measure and analyse your workforce's cognitive capacity.

Track critical thinking


measureable improvements and see business benefit in real-time.

Forge new critical thinking skills


strategies for a smarter, more productive workforce.

Equip critical thinking skills


your employees with the 21st century's
most in-demand skillset.

Create critical thinkers


an army of smarter thinkers,
leaders and innovators.

Critical thinking solutions for employers


Macat Tests

Macat testing dashboard analytics

Through unique PACIER assessments and sophisticated online tools, Macat Tests resources help businesses to carry out efficient and effective critical thinking evaluations, as part of their training, recruitment and assessment processes.


Macat Learning

Macat learning for business

Developed in partnership with the world's leading institutions, Macat Learning resources provide everything that businesses need to effectively develop critical thinking in the workplace. 


Macat iLibrary

Macat iLibrary on multiple devices

Working with highly-qualified academics, Macat has analysed and curated the most important books ever written to create an accessible, online multimedia library. Through introductory videos, audiobooks, mind maps and other learning tools, the Macat iLibrary helps employees to expand their knowledge and develop critical thinking skills in new, engaging ways.