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Join forward-thinking institutions from around the world using Macat's critical thinking tools to develop students into 21st-century-ready leaders, innovators, and strategic thinkers.

Use Macat's unique toolkit to

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teaching and testing solutions with minimum disruption.

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gifted, talented and needs assistance students.

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strategies for developing smarter, more productive students and classes.

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measureable improvements and see students grow in real-time.

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your students with the 21st century's most in-demand skillset.

Develop critical thinking skills


the next generation of thinkers, leaders and innovators.

Critical thinking solutions for educators


Macat Library

Macat Library books

Macat's Library of analytical texts is designed to unlock the knowledge within the world's greatest books. It provides insight and analysis that can help any student to quickly grasp the context of the original book, deepen their understanding and insight into the content, and apply this directly to their studies.

The titles are available in print, eBook and as part of the Macat interactive library.


Macat iLibrary

Macat iLibrary on multiple devices

Working with highly-qualified academics, Macat have analysed and curated the most important books ever written to create an accessible, online multimedia library. 

Featuring introductory videos, audiobooks, mind maps and other learning tools, the Macat iLibrary helps students quickly unlock core messages within the text, develop new ideas and conclusions, whilst improving creative and critical thinking skills. 


Macat Tests

Macat Testing dashboard analytics

Developed with partnership with leading academics, Macat Tests makes measuring and improving students’ critical thinking abilities simple. Available in a number of age ranges, Macat Tests include unique PACIER assessments and sophisticated reporting tools.


Macat Learning

Macat Learning sheets and videos

Developed in partnership with a number of leading schools, Macat Learning resources provide everything that schools need to effectively teach critical thinking in the classroom. Available in mix of generic and subject-specific resources, Macat Learning resources are designed to meet both teacher and student needs.

Routledge - Taylor & Francis Group

Routledge, part of the Taylor & Francis Group, are the approved reseller of the Macat Library.