Critical thinking in education

Critical thinking for students

Students don’t need to know what to think, they need to know how to think. That means dedicated classes on how to evaluate arguments, analyze evidence, ask questions, and reflect on meaning - core critical thinking skills.

In 2008, Canadian researcher Philip Abrami analyzed 117 studies into how to teach critical thinking effectively. The conclusion was very clear. Critical thinking skills develop students’ ability to learn more in all subjects. The best way to equip students with such skills is to have a critical thinking class on the timetable, as well as to teach it through all the curriculum subjects.

How we help

Macat's critical thinking solutions help educators to efficiently assess and develop students' critical thinking skills, giving them the tools to become 21st-century-ready leaders, innovators, and strategic thinkers.

Deploy critical thinking


critical thinking assessments and teaching with minimum disruption.

Track critical thinking skills


measureable improvements and see students grow.

Pinpoint critical thinking


gifted, talented and needs assistance students.

Discover critical thinking skills


strategies for developing smarter, more productive students.

Equip critical thinking skills


students with critical thinking skills that they will use in education, work and life.

Develop critical thinking skills


the next generation of thinkers, leaders and innovators.

Critical thinking solutions for educators


Macat Critical Thinking Assessment & Development

Macat Critical Thinking Academy

Developed in partnership with leading academics, Macat Critical Thinking Assessment & Development combines comprehensive assessments, powerful analytics and engaging learning resources to create one complete critical thinking development solution.


Macat Critical Thinking iLibrary

Macat Critical Thinking iLibrary

Analysis of the world's most influential books - proven to improve  comprehension of the text and critical thinking skills - curated in one multimedia platform and delivered in text, audio and video.


Macat Critical Thinking Analyses in Print

Printed Critical Thinking Analyses

Analyses from the Macat Critical Thinking iLibrary are sold in print by our approved reseller Routledge, part of the Taylor & Francis Group. Visit the Routledge website for more.