Finding focus: 5 top tips

Many of us will admit we find it hard to focus, blaming the distractions of our modern, multitasking working life.

We blame the many emails, phone calls, and meetings that we have to contend with during our normal working day. We say that many of these physical distractions are the reason why we cannot get the important things done more efficiently.

I want to challenge this outward blame culture and to find the answer to the need for clear focus by building upon our innate critical thinking skills. Here are five easy, thoughtful actions to ensure success.


1. Have a clear purpose

To achieve our goals we must be specific. The reason for this is that it is impossible to think towards a moving target. If we keep changing our goal, then we are also demanding that our brain continually change its focus, and so can lose our direction. To keep your focus, sit down for five minutes and write down, as clearly as you can, what you want to achieve.


2. Be present to your need

This follows on from being clear about your specific goal. When you are aware of what you really need to achieve, at a particular time, in any situation, it will help you to prioritize what is the most important action to begin with, and gives you a structure for your subsequent tasks.


3. Use your passion to control your emotions

There is a simple reason why this is so: As you strive for your goal, your passion overcomes problems as it focuses on the pleasure of achieving the perfect goal. Your emotions, however, can be overwhelmed by problems as they feel the pain to the ego of a potential loss of the goal.


4. Change negative thinking into positive action

One of the most valuable assets we have is our negative thinking – for far from negative thinking leading to negativity, negative thinking is the stimulus that can free our imagination to achieve exactly what we want….

By using the phrase “no, because = yes, if” you can stimulate your imagination to focus your negative thinking into positive action.


5. Use cool logic in hot situations to reach your goal

This skill is most important to retaining focus, for so many of us can begin with a clear focus on our goals, but then be persuaded by the uncertainty or doubt of ourselves, or others, to lose that clear direction. Using “cool logic in hot situations” means that you direct all conversations towards progressing the goal you want to reach in an objective and purposeful way.

These are just some short explanations of how to gain and retain clear focus. I hope you have enjoyed reading this topic and that being aware of these five simple steps will give you the confidence to achieve what you want.